Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brief explanation of expressing the future, in Spanish, and links

Futuros (this explanation is not complete and it only shows a general and basic difference):
Will – decisiones espontáneas que se toman mientras se habla: 
look! I have one euro in my pocket! I will buy some bread!

Going to – decisions espontáneas ya tomadas: 
before I have seen that I don´t have bread, I´m going to buy bread tomorrow
before I have found a euro in my pocket, I´m going to buy son e bread with it

Presente simple – planificadas y no dependen de nosotros: 
the train leaves tomorrow at 7.30 

Presente continuo – planificadas y dependen de nosotros: 
we are leaving tomorrow at 7.30 by car

Links explaining future forms:

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