Saturday, February 22, 2014

So...past simple or continuous?

Past simple and continuous, explained in Spanish:

Past simple and continuous, explanation in Spanish and exercise:

Explanation in video:

Past simple and continuous. Summary in Spanish:

Present simple or continuous?

Differences between simple and continuous present, explained in Spanish, with exercises:

Summary of both tenses, in Spanish:

Explanation and exercise, in Spanish:

Explanation of both tenses and exercises:

Quiz about both tenses:

Explanation in Spanish with the possibility of listening to the examples:

Irregular verbs

Explanation in English and exercises:
(if you go to flashcards, you´ll find a good game to practice!)

List of irregular verbs with translation into Spanish:

Irregular verbs with pronunciation and exercises:

Irregular verbs, explained in several languages:

List of irregular verbs and exercises:

Irregular verbs: