Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tag questions....

Explanation (in Spanish)
Explanation and Exercise

Hello Students!

This post is specially for you, yo know who you are....
Esta entrada es especialmente para vosotros, ya sabéis quienes sois...
Beginning with English?
Empenzando con el inglés?
No problem, I hope these links are helpful...
No hay problema! Espero que estos links os sean útiles.
You can leave a message here if you want to talk with other students...in English....of course....
Puedes dejar un mensaje aquí para hablar con otros estudiantes...en inglés....por supuesto....

Los pronombres personales
Pronombres personales sujeto

Verbo to be
Verb to be. Explanation and Exercise
Verb to be
Verb to be 1
Verb to be 2
Verb to be 3
Verb to be 4
Verb to be 5
Verb to be 6
To be in the past 1
To be in the past 2
To be in the past 3
To be in the past 4
To be in the past 5

Presente continuo
Presente continuo 1
Presente continuo 2
Presente continuo 3
Presente continuo 4
Presente continuo 5

Presente simple
Presente simple 1
Presente simple 2
Presente simple 3
Presente simple 4
Presente simple 5
Presente simple 6

Present simple and continuous

Pasado continuo
Past continuous
Spelling in past continuous
Was /were
Positive sentences
Negative sentences
Questions with interrogatives
Mixed exercise on past progressive/continuous
Past continuous test 1
Past continuous test 2
Past continuous test 3

Pasado simple
Forma pasada de verbos regulares
Verbos irregulares
Lista de verbos irregulares (se pueden escuchar)
Pasado simple 1
Pasado simple 2
Pasado simple 3
Pasado simple 4
Pasado simple 5
Pasado simple 6
Verbos irregulares 1
Verbos irregulares 2
Verbos iiregulares 3
Verbos irregulares 4
Verbos irregulares 5
Verbos irregulares 6
Verbos irregulares 7

Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Rice

This is a very interesting proposal...you just have to learn English or other subjects in order to help.....
Help end world hunger

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Irregular verbs? other verbs?

Want a list of irregular verbs with their meanings in Spanish? ...click here....
and what about the rest of the verbs? easy ones...or more complex....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

English Links

Want to practice tenses...go to this page.....explanations and exercises..check the left menu!
Starting to learn English, practise with these exercises....

Friday, October 10, 2008

if or whether? can or could? tell, say or speak?

We have already talked about BBC Learning English, however, this section deserves a special comment, you can find many answers and, what is more, you can hear the answer at the same time as you are reading it...you improve your grammar, you solve your doubts and you practice your listening skills!
Worth visiting:
Ask about English