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Los pronombres personales
Pronombres personales sujeto

Verbo to be
Verb to be. Explanation and Exercise
Verb to be
Verb to be 1
Verb to be 2
Verb to be 3
Verb to be 4
Verb to be 5
Verb to be 6
To be in the past 1
To be in the past 2
To be in the past 3
To be in the past 4
To be in the past 5

Presente continuo
Presente continuo 1
Presente continuo 2
Presente continuo 3
Presente continuo 4
Presente continuo 5

Presente simple
Presente simple 1
Presente simple 2
Presente simple 3
Presente simple 4
Presente simple 5
Presente simple 6

Present simple and continuous

Pasado continuo
Past continuous
Spelling in past continuous
Was /were
Positive sentences
Negative sentences
Questions with interrogatives
Mixed exercise on past progressive/continuous
Past continuous test 1
Past continuous test 2
Past continuous test 3

Pasado simple
Forma pasada de verbos regulares
Verbos irregulares
Lista de verbos irregulares (se pueden escuchar)
Pasado simple 1
Pasado simple 2
Pasado simple 3
Pasado simple 4
Pasado simple 5
Pasado simple 6
Verbos irregulares 1
Verbos irregulares 2
Verbos iiregulares 3
Verbos irregulares 4
Verbos irregulares 5
Verbos irregulares 6
Verbos irregulares 7

You can really practise your English using these tests
Some examples for specific subjects and levels are the following:
Animal Idioms
Synonyms for travel and trip
Accesories and clothing
Apartment Hunting
Retail Sales Phrases
Expressions and phrases about money
Tag Questions

Some, any, few, little
Present Tense
How to use the articles
Object Pronoun
Beginner Grammar Test
Elementary Grammar Questions

And generally speaking:
More Elementary Tests
More Intermediate Tests
More Advanced Tests

Exercises on the article
Definite and Indefinite article exercises
The definite article. Exercise
Articles. Exericse

Jobs and professions. English and Spanish list
Professions. Flashcards
Professions. Matching exercise

Plural in English. Explanation and exercises
Nombres y plurales ingleses
English Irregular Plural Nouns

Countable or uncountable exercise
Countable or uncountable nouns. Quiz
Contables e incontables, explicación y ejercicios
Contables e incontables. Quiz
Countable or uncountable. 107 questions

Vocabulary and practice
Países y nacionalidades. Pronunciation
Exercise 2
Countries and nationalities
Glosario español-inglés de nacionalidades
English-Spanish glossary of nationalities
Vocabulario: países y nacionalidades
Países y nacionalidades: ejercicios

Explanation and exercise
Detailed explanation and exercise
Explicación 2
Exercise 2
2 quizzes

La fecha. Explicación y ejercicios
English Dates. Explanations and Exercises
Dates in English. Explanation

Telling the time. Explanation and exercise
La hora en inglés.
The time. Exercise
La hora. Explicación y ejercicio

Numbers. Exercise
Números ordinales y cardinales. Escucharlos
Números ordinales
Cardinal numbers. Explanation
Numbers in English. Explanations and exercises

Prepositions and phrasal verbs exercises.
Prepositions. Explanation and exercises
Prepositions. Exercise
Explanation and exercise on prepositions.
Prepositions of location. Explanation and exercise
Prepositions of direction. Explanation and exercise
Exercise on prepositions
Preposition crossword
Preposiciones de tiempo (at, on, in). Explicación y ejercicio
Otras preposiciones de tiempo. Explicación y ejercicio
Preposiciones de lugar. Explicación y ejercicio
Preposiciones de movimiento. Explicación y ejercicio
Preposiciones según el medio de transporte. Explicación y ejercicio
By the time, on time, in time. Explicación y ejercicio
Preposiciones above y over. Explicación y ejercicio
Preposiciones under y below. Explicación y ejercicio
Otras preposiciones de lugar. Explicación y ejercicio

Let's add some more links...
At, in, on, explicación en español
At, in, on. Quiz
Explanation in Spanish with audio
Place prepositions: in, at, on
Prepositions at, in, on. Quiz
4 exercises on prepositions

Comparative and superlative adjectives. Explanation and exercises
Comparativos y superlativos. Explicación
Comparative and superlative. Explanation and exercises
Comparative and superlative. Exercise
Comparative and superlative. Explanation

English Tenses Chart
Active and passive tenses chart
Verb tenses
Verb formation
Owl. Verb tenses

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